Photography Marketing Ideas

Photography is a very demanding field. If you want to become a good photographer then you need to practice a lot to develop your skills. However, having the talent isn’t enough. The market is very competitive and you need to find out ways to market your service. Here are some ideas.

Upload and share photos on Instagram

You should upload your photos on Instagram and share them. That way people will see your photos and creativity. You should have a story for each of the photos so that the audience can see a personal touch to it.


Local business listing

You should use Google My Business as one of the marketing strategies. This will help the local searchers to find you for their events. You should have engaging posts and include images. You should include your address and phone number so that customers can find you.

Run Facebook ads

You can promote your work on Facebook. This way you will get more leads. You can showcase your pictures to targeted audiences using Facebook. You should include engaging pictures to attract more audiences.

Create Google Ads

Use Google AdWords to advertise your business. There is a geotargeting option in the Google Ads campaign, so it can increase the chance of getting customers. As most people search Google for any service, it is a good option to market your photography services.


Blogging is a great way to promote your business. You can write interesting articles on photography and share your pictures in a personal blog. You can share your ideas for a photo session and tell the story of a successful photoshoot. It will create a personal connection with the audiences, and you will get more leads.

These strategies will help you to promote your business and you will get more clients. Be consistent with it to attract more customers.